The Benefit of Benefits

Ice cream cone of pink cotton candy on teal background

Alright. So we have an ice cream cone of cotton candy. How are we going going to sell this to say a stressed out business man at the age of 40?

It all starts with the communication of a benefit to a person (or target market) you know a lot about. Knowing what makes your target market tick is one of the most important elements of successfully written copy.

A little trick I learned was to understand how your target is feeling, find out what will make them feel better, and then explain the benefit.

An example of copy that could drive our business man to buy the cotton candy is:

"Feel Like a Kid Again

Remember when you were young without a care in the world, and you saw that delicious cotton candy treat? Remember how you felt when you took your first bite? You probably thought you had died and gone to heaven.

Why not take a break from reality, experience that mouth watering perfection and revisit a time where 'responsibilities' was just a long word"

Using "feelings" in your copywriting can go a long way to convincing someone to take the next step... Now I want some cotton candy...

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